MessageDesk for Claims Departments

Add SMS Superpowers to Your Claims Department Phone Lines.

Keep your existing phone lines. No number porting. No switching carriers. Just add texting.

✅ Reduce missed calls and voicemails.
✅ Answer questions without interruptions.
✅ Get answers when you need them.
✅ Stop losing conversations in the shuffle.
✅ Gain transparency and oversight.
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"We started saving time after we implemented MessageDesk. Especially for our inside auto adjusters who take a lot of phone calls. They're dealing with a lot of different people: auto body shops, rental car companies, and insureds.

Texting back and forth with MessageDesk saves them an enormous amount of time––they love it. I don't think they'd do their job without MessageDesk. If we took away texting or MessageDesk it would really slow them down."
~James S. | VP of Claims
Why texting?

Texting saves time and reduces call volume.


of text messages get opened immediately.


of clients respond within an hour to a text.


of clients would rather text than talk with a claims rep.


of clients try to text back after missing a call from a rep.

Start texting with MessageDesk

Add texting with a shared team inbox to any business phone number or existing VoIP provider.

Texting professionally with clients requires more than your personal phone. MessageDesk gives you and your teams the texting tools you need to connect with your clients at scale.

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Text-Enable Any Phone Line

Keep your current business phone number or add a new text number.

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Limit Call Volume & Voicemails

Assign, organize, and route SMS and MMS between teammates.

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Schedule & Automate Replies

Schedule texts to clients and set up automatic text replies.

Save Templates & Text Images

Pre-save messages as templates and text images and media.

Your phone + team SMS inbox

Start texting your clients professionally.

Manage all of your client text messages in one-place, across your entire team using any new or existing business phone line.

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Text-enable any phone line

Get a new number for texting or add texting to any existing number without changing your voice service.

Limit call volume & voicemails

Use inbox routing to get the right conversations to the right person at the right time.

comment assignment
inbox team conversation
Schedule, automate & pre-save texts

Save time and increase efficiency.

Reduce call volume and save time by scheduling texts and applying pre-saved templates with personalization tags and media.

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Schedule & automate replies

Optimize your messaging workflows with pre-saved SMS templates and scheduled and automatic replies.

Save templates & text images

Segment and group all of your contacts, apply pre-saved templates and hit send to text everyone.

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Trusted by hundreds of claims departments and professionals.

“If you don't have a business texting service, like MessageDesk your customers will notice. Being able to text is almost an expectation; you should have it”
~James S. | VP of Claims


Frequently asked business text messaging questions.

Will I be able to use my existing office landline?

Yes! You can text-enable your existing landline or move it from another texting provider in less than a business day.

Does MessageDesk integrate with my CRM?

MessageDesk can currently connect with Zoho, AgencyZoom, HubSpot, Redtail, and NexaSure/AgencyBloc, and many more!

Will assistants, office staff, and other reps have access to MessageDesk?

They certainly will! In MessageDesk, your entire team will have access to text your clients right from your existing office phone line.

If I am using another text messaging service, can I sync over my contact information?

Absolutely. You can import all of your existing contact information and resume text messaging on Day 1 with MessageDesk.

How difficult is it to migrate from my existing texting service to MessageDesk?

Crazy easy! Our Onboarding Specialists will help you migrate from your existing service to MessageDesk with minimal action required. In fact, once we have your contact data, the switch is nearly instantaneous!

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