Business phone line

Text-Enable Your Business Phone Number

Start texting from any existing landline or VoIP phone number when connecting to MessageDesk. Or get a new local phone number when you sign-up.

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Contacts and customers confused by too many phone lines? Let's get it down to one.

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Keep Your Existing Number

Text from MessageDesk using your existing business line.

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10-Digit Local & 800 Numbers

Text from a new 10-digit local or 800 number.

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Text from Anywhere

Access MessageDesk on any device or browser

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No Disruption to Calling

Keep receiving calls on your existing landline/VoIP devices.

Text-enabled landline

Keep your existing business number or text-enable a landline.

Everyone knows your business number. There's no need switch, just submit a number hosting request to text-enable any number.

  • Route your entire teams' texts and call through one phone number.
  • Text-enable your existing business landline or VoIP number.
  • Migrate your existing business phone number at no additional cost.
Local & toll-free 800 numbers

Get a new local phone number or text from a toll-free 800 phone number.

Local numbers matter. Flexibly text from a new 10-digit number with a local area code or broadcast from a toll-free 800 number.

  • Select from lists of 10-digit numbers with local area codes.
  • Text from an 800 number for larger broadcasts at scale.
  • Change your MessageDesk SMS texting number any time.
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MessageDesk call forwarding
Team Inbox

Unify your organization into a single inbox

Contacts texting your employees directly? Get oversight on every reply by adding teammates to your inbox

  • Manage conversations as a team from a single phone number
  • Route and assign conversations between teammates
  • Guarantee every message gets a response with a shared inbox
Voice & text

Keep your voice provider, level up your inbox

Connect MessageDesk to your existing VoIP or Landline phone number and start texting as a team with ease

  • Connect any 10-digit Landline or VoIP phone number
  • Start texting as a team from any device or browser
  • Unify your texting and calling into a single phone number
MessageDesk sort and filter functionality
Add texting to your phone system
Learn how to add SMS superpowers to your business phone.