MessageDesk pricing

Smarter, Simpler Messaging Made for All

Transparent pricing fit for everyone from smaller operations to larger organizations.


Business texting inbox accessible on all devices

1 seat
$10 / mo. per added seat
$14 per month
Try for free
100 Free Messages / Mo.
then $0.05 per message
2-way SMS/MMS texting
10-digit local area code phone number
Text-enable landline
Managed opt-in/out compliance
Basic email & chat customer support
Access to all integrations


Full-texting toolset for smaller operations

3 seats
$10 / mo. per added seat
$39 per month
Try for free
500 Free Messages / Mo.
then $0.04 per message
Everything in Starter plus...
Low-volume text message broadcasts (text up to 250 contacts at once)
Inbox folders & conversation assignment
Text message scheduling
Text message templates
Carrier-verified message delivery
Unbranded click-to-text & website chatbot


Mass text messaging tools for companies with larger teams

5 seats
$15 / mo. per added seat
$129 per month
Try for free
2500 Free Messages / Mo.
then $0.03 per message
Everything in Operator plus...
Automation & keyword autoresponders
Mid-volume text message broadcasts (text up to 1,000 contacts at once)
Out-of-office automated replies
Fully customizable click-to-text & website chatbot
Dedicated customer account manager


For organizations with complex requirements

Let's Chat!
Talk to sales
Everything in Team plus...
High-volume text message broadcasts (text thousands of contacts at once)
Advanced permissions & settings
Scalability for multiple phone numbers & locations
Unlimited teammates
Top priority customer support
Service-level agreement (SLA)

Need a custom plan?

Build a custom plan
Account Allowances
Starter Operator Team
Messages 100 Free Messages/mo. 500 Free Messages/mo. 2500 Free Messages/mo.
Metered Messaging Rate (after free allowance)
Seats 1 seat 3 seats 5 seats
Broadcast Contact Limit 50 contacts 1000 contacts 2000 contacts
Message Templates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keyword Autoresponders Unlimited Unlimited
Web Forms Unlimited Unlimited
Core Features
Starter Operator Team
Conversational Inbox
Unlimited Inbound Messages
Unknown Contact Form
Custom Inbox Views
Custom Fields
Manual Invoice Reminders
Zapier Integrations
Mobile App
Starter Operator Team
Call Forwarding
One-Time Scheduling
Simple Groups
Personalization Tags
Number Porting
Team Inbox
Starter Operator Team
Website Chatbot
Recurring Scheduling
Office Hours
Conversation Assignment
Custom Autoresponders
Custom Forms
Filter Groups
Priority Support

Frequently asked questions

Every 160 characters count as 1 message. A message with 320 characters would count as 2 messages. Example: A message 320 characters long sent to 10 contacts would cost 20 messages. Every SMS message is limited to a max of 918 characters. Whereas an MMS can have unlimited characters at 3 credits per send.

No, unused free messages do not roll over into the next month. However, if you have an annual plan your messages roll over month to month until the end of your 12 month subscription.

Once you use all of your free messages, you’ll automatically go into metered billing. Metered billing allows you to send unlimited messages at the per-message rate of $0.04 per message.

No, all inbound text messages are free.

Yes, MessageDesk allows you to send and receive images, gifs, videos, and more. You get 1 gigabyte with your account for all media you upload and the maximum upload size is 12 megabytes.

It depends. Just ask a representative on our sales team to see if your existing phone number qualifies for number porting.

MessageDesk works on any device with a web browser. You can also download the MessageDesk mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.

Currently, MessageDesk is only available in the United States and Canada. However, we’re looking at offering service in several new markets including India and Australia. If you’re interested in using MessageDesk in your region, let us know, we’d love to hear from you!