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Best Online Website Form Builders of 2023
Best Online Website Form Builders of 2023

Here’s a List of the Best Online Form Builders and Web Form Design Software of 2023

Starting conversations and collecting information almost always involves an online form builder.

Forms are everywhere and form builders work great for:

  • Starting conversations from your website
  • Collecting email addresses and phone numbers
  • Generating leads
  • Starting quotes and estimates
  • Scheduling and appointments
  • Assessments and quizzes
  • Getting feedback
  • Asking for reviews
  • And more…

But there are hundreds of form builders to choose from today.

This makes it difficult for any business or organization to select the best online form builder for their needs.

So I’ve put together a list of the best form builders. I’ll walk you through their features, pros, cons, what users have to say, and what’s best suited for you.

Read on for more.

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Businesses and organizations use web forms in various ways based on their needs and strategic goals.

Typically, you’ll find forms to collect contact information, or to complete payments for goods or services. They are also used to submit applications for job opportunities and start surveys.


Most Common Form Builder Software Features

Most form builder software comes with a typical suite of features. The following are some of the most common web form builder features:

  • Drag and drop form editors: The easiest way to build a form is to use a drag and drop form builder. Many form builders use this type of form creation interface because it makes it easy to add and edit text, images, and styling.
  • Embedabilty and sharability: Once you’ve built your form, you’ll need to be able to embed and share it. You can do this on a web page, landing page, or even in an email or text message. Most form builders offer multiple ways in integrating their forms into a web page or other digital medium. Platforms like MessageDesk even allow you to text links to your forms.
  • Integrations: The best web forms will integrate with your website and other apps too. You’ll frequently find that form builders integrate with messaging tools to deliver email and text messages. This makes it possible to continue the conversation once someone submits information.
  • Custom fields: Forms need to be customizable, allowing you to collect data that’s unique to your organization. Custom fields enable you to capture the data you need. These can often be stylized as radio buttons, multiple-choice questions, dropdowns, and text boxes.
  • Alerts and notifications: Once someone hits your form’s submit button, both parties should get a notification or see a confirmation. This often provides instructions and sets up the next steps in an estimate, scheduling, registration, or payment collection process.
  • Autoresponders: After a form gets submitted, there’s typically a series of automated email or text message follow-ups. You can configure these messages variously depending on the form builder and integrations you’re using.
  • Analytics: Most form builders provide tools that monitor how many people saw your form, entered information, and ultimately submitted their info. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about your forms and how they fit into your processes.


Top Form Builders of 2023

Here’s my list of the best form builders in no particular order.

  1. MessageDesk
  2. Jotform
  3. DashClicks
  4. Paperform
  5. PlatoForms
  6. Typeform
  7. Cognito Forms
  8. Formstack
  9. Ninja Forms
  10. Google Forms
  11. Microsoft Forms

1. MessageDesk

messagedesk forms

Best for:

Businesses and organizations that want to use forms to start text message conversations with customers.


MessageDesk is a business text messaging service that makes it easy to keep connected to contacts, customers, and clients.

The whole goal with MessageDesk’s custom web forms is to help you start more conversations. You can do this from your website by directly embedding a form. Or you can create direct links to your forms and text them to contacts.

Once someone submits information through a MessageDesk form, you can send them a series of automated text messages. Contacts automatically get sorted into groups, making it easy to follow up for SMS marketing or any other type of campaign.

Why text messaging? Because texts get up to a 98% open rate and some 89% of customers prefer texting over emailing or voice calls.


  • Fully customizable form text, styling, colors, and images
  • Independently hosted or embeddable on any website
  • Custom short links for linking directly to web forms
  • Alerts and notifications for when a form gets submitted
  • Automatic contact creation
  • Form submitters automatically filter into groups for follow up messaging
  • Pre-saved SMS templates simplify auto-responses



  • No free version
  • Currently, only Zapier integration with sales platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot CRM

What users say:


Hospital & Health Care

"Messagedesk is a great platform to contact our customers. Additionally, their customer support is easy to reach and they solved all of our problems instantly."

Executive Sponsor

Consumer Goods

"It has dramatically improved customer response rates and communication. Customers like being able to text back quickly without a phone call to finalize installation dates/times, etc. And it's a great way to send invoices."

2. Jotform


Best for:

Businesses and organizations of any size that need a free online form builder.


Jotform is a powerful form builder. It utilizes conditional logic and other features to accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.

With Jotform you get advanced styling options, extensive functionality, and over 10,000 free templates. This makes it one of the best form builder software for businesses and organizations looking to create custom forms.

Secure payment and third-party integrations also make it a valuable asset. This is especially true for any business or organization that needs to collect payments and build automated workflows.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure payment integrations for PayPal, Square, and more
  • Many third-party integrations
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Access controls and permissions for multiple users
  • Customizable templates, forms, and fields
  • Digital signature
  • SSL security


  • 100% free online form builder with up to 5 free forms
  • Giant template library
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Convenient collaboration tools


  • You’ll soon find yourself graduating past the free version

What users say:

Robin E.

Executive Director

"I love that I can think of a thousand ways to use Jotform with zero coding! Jotform has already created pre-coded features, which allows laggards like myself to pick and choose the form function you wish for any form - it is as simple as that."

Lauren N.

Marketing Director

"The number one feature is that the mobile app actually WORKS. You can actually edit and create forms on the mobile app. So many mobile app versions of software platforms are entirely useless. This is a treat. I also love the logic-based functions and the integrations."

3. DashClicks


Best for:

Businesses and agencies that need online form building and management software with hundreds of pre-built templates.


DashClicks’ form builder software is one of the best form building software for digital transformation in the market today. You can create custom forms for any kind of data collection. The form building software is designed to improve your workflow and optimize your data collection efforts.

The Forms app offers you three primary form types — classic, card, and group forms. You can use the classic forms to collect all the data in one flow. You can also customize the way you collect data by using card forms and group forms.

The software also lets you create your own custom categories and tags to better keep track of each form.


  • A single, organized view of all your forms and submissions for you to review and act on.
  • A white label drag and drop form builder that’s highly convenient to use.
  • Pre-built form templates to speed up your workflow and save time.
  • Option to embed the form on your website, use it as a landing page for your next marketing campaign, or send it out to contacts.
  • Option to send one-time form links to contacts and invite them to submit the information you want to collect.


  • Free trial available, no credit card required.
  • Collect unlimited form submissions through multiple forms.
  • Option to create an unlimited number of custom fields for your forms.
  • Three form types are available: classic, group, and card forms.
  • Option to choose from hundreds of pre-built form templates.
  • Option to customize your form design.


  • The number of forms you can build depends on your current subscription plan. If you want to build 100 forms, you need to opt for the Premium Plan.
  • The software can be somewhat difficult to use in the beginning, but all you need is practice. You can find helpful instructions on using the software in the Help Center.

What users say:

Bill M.

CEO & founder

"DashClicks are so fantastic at what they do, five* all the way"

Kevin W. B.

Mobile Notary Public

"I purchased the website for my agency because it had all the features that I was looking for plus it's very user-friendly so we can edit and update in-house when needed. We choose to have a custom domain and the instructions were very concise but I still hit a snag but the chat support was right there to bail me out and get us activated"

4. Paperform


Best for:

Small businesses and teams that want a powerful all-in-one tool that can easily be customized to manage any type of project.


Paperform is a flexible SaaS platform that helps small businesses simplify their work and get more done.

The tool is a digital Swiss Army Knife that enables anyone to take payments, manage bookings, collect information, or run an entire company. Paperform gives users the ability to build the solutions they need, in the way they need them.

With almost limitless customization and over 600 pre-built templates, over 3,000 integrations, and conditional logic, the Paperform editor has everything you need to build beautiful and functional solutions.


  • Over 600 pre-built templates
  • Native integrations and connections with over 3,000 apps through third-party platforms (such as Zapier)
  • Completely customizable — create your own themes, choose your color palette and embed content wherever you like
  • Powerful forms with conditional logic and can handle taking payments and multiple question types
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Supports e-signatures


  • A no-code solution that gives users the ability to manage any project - from taking payments, collecting information, and organizing bookings
  • An editor that enables almost unlimited customization and advanced workflows
  • Exceptional customer support


  • No free version

What users say:

Helen K.

Marketing and Communications Specialist

"We love how easy it is to create forms -- from using their pre-built templates to even creating them from scratch. The templates are easy to customize, albeit with some limits (such as only two columns for questions side-by-side), but it does everything else so well that those limits are a non-issue."

Diego Q.

Customer Success Regional Manager

""I'm pretty happy with what I have accomplished with Paperform"

5. PlatoForms


Best for:

Best for businesses and organizations that need to create a document workflow using online fillable PDF forms.


PlatoForms helps businesses and organizations make PDFs fillable as online forms. With PlatoForms you can convert any PDF to an online form. This makes it possible to gather data and get instant notifications.

All you have to do to get started is upload your PDF, design your form and share or embed it. Once the form gets submitted, PlatoForms will automatically generate a PDF version of the submission and send you an email.

PDF forms are one of the best ways to go paperless and PlatoForms is one of the best form builders. It works well for approval processes, lead generation, contracts and agreements, application forms, surveys, enrollments, and registrations.


  • Convert PDFs directly into web forms
  • Add online versions of PDF forms to your website
  • Master forms allow for one submission into multiple PDFs
  • PDF workflow builder for multi-step submissions
  • Pre-filled invitation forms
  • Drag and drop widgets
  • Access controls and permissions
  • Third-party integrations


  • A free version is available (limited to one form)
  • Great workflow features
  • Super slick form creation process
  • Clone function makes it easy to make changes on the fly
  • Easy to create and upload PDF files


  • Somewhat limited styling customization features

What users say:

Alexandra B.

Assistant A.D. for Compliance

"I love it! I had used it personally for some documents and now my University department uses it too. I find it to be easy to use once you get used to the layout. The pdf exporting process is simple and efficient."

Rod L.

Project Coordinator

"Using this form maker has saved us time and the aggravation of chasing and requesting people to fill in paper forms, surveys, permissions, etc. People can fill them in anytime and anywhere! on a tablet, smart phone, lap or desktop."

6. Typeform


Best for:

Businesses and organizations that want a more conversational, interactive, and engaging form submission experience.


Of all the form builders available, Typeform is one of the most unique. You get all of the same form features you’d expect from a form builder. But everything is more interactive.

Instead of presenting a single form with many fields, Typeform allows you to create inline, interactive, question-and-answer experiences.

With Typeform you get beautiful designs, lots of interactivity, and the ability to embed a form anywhere. This includes within an email.

Its integrations are seamless. Templates, transition effects, and advanced styling options make Typeform an easy and fun way for customers to submit data.


  • Question branching and logic jumps
  • Dynamic questions, results pages, and hidden fields
  • Beautiful template library with photos and videos
  • Multiple ending screens for branching flows
  • Payments integrations
  • 500+ integrations with Zapier
  • Mobile-friendly forms
  • Advanced embed options (including email)


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Easy to collaborate with teammates
  • Zapier integration
  • Auto-close Typeforms to new responses
  • Email notifications


  • Some mail providers make it hard to embed Typeforms into emails

What users say:

Diose A.

Customer Success Specialist

"The forms and surveys are super easy to set up, easy to integrate with other software like the most common CRMs and marketing tools, while also being fairly easy to export into tools like Google Sheets as well. Also, really easy to make the surveys and forms look good, the customization is simple yet allows for you to give your own look and feel to it."

Lisa S.

Marketing Director

"Building a Typeform is very simple and you have a huge array of question options to choose from. Each survey has the ability to be connected or integrated to a number of different CRMs or databases (we use Hubspot) and you can add pretty advanced logic to any question."

7. Cognito Forms


Best for:

Businesses and organizations that need a standard, easy-to-use form builder.


Cognito Forms makes it easy to create everything from simple surveys to complex registration forms. In just minutes, you can create the online forms you need. No code is required.

It has an intuitive drag and drop interface and is compatible with a wide range of email and mailing services.

Filters and real-time reports make Cognito Forms one of the best form builder software for businesses that want complete control.


  • Data collection and management with filters
  • Conditional logic, in-line calculations, and automatic document creation
  • Security and HIPAA compliance features
  • Ability to access online payments using Square, Stripe, or PayPal
  • Template management
  • Zapier and other integrations


  • Effortless, beautiful, and responsive forms
  • Granular permissions and security features
  • Custom question logic to automate your workflow
  • Great template library


  • Pricier than some other options
  • Inability to copy a field or section between forms

What users say:

Ellen B.

Travel Agent

"I like using the free version of Cognito forms to easily collect client information, then have it stored all in one place. I like that I can send a form link to clients, then they can fill out and submit their info, then I get an email notification and can easily login to view what they submitted. It's much easier for me, compared to collecting client info over the phone, or having them fill out a paper form to scan (how others in my industry collect info!)."

Tiffany T.


"My only challenge with Cognito Forms is that you need to plan for erroneous entries. I would suggest testing your survey several times with many variations before going live to ensure you have thought of all possible responses and planned accordingly if you are attempting to output clean data without any intervention."

8. Formstack


Best for:

Larger businesses and organizations that need a suite of forms, documents, and signing features that integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs.


Formstack is a powerful form builder software suite that’s popular among top companies like Twitter and Netflix. It's for larger businesses and organizations looking to automate their workflows and capture more leads on a larger scale.

With its fully customizable, professional template library and advanced features like multi-page forms, smart logic, and file uploads, it's one of the best form builder software for lead generation and data analytics.

You can integrate it with other apps, including Hubspot, Google Docs, PayPal, and Salesforce.


  • Advanced logic and automation
  • Customized forms and templates
  • Powerful analytics features
  • Integrations with larger third-party apps
  • Customizable themes and branding


  • Automated emails based on user responses
  • Consistent branding across all forms and users
  • Drag and drop customization tools for easy form building
  • Website popup forms, segmented workflows, and smart logic


  • Some advanced forms require programming knowledge
  • Lower tiers allow only one user per account
  • Customer support is limited to email only

What users say:

Alejandra P.

Administrative Assistant

"I like how you receive all information you need in one place. I like that you can do precise calculations to have the results that you want. You can use all the information outside the platform and make calculations with excel using the excellent data export options. Organizing forms using folders is so easy to use."

Jonathan S.

Associate Director of Financial Aid

"I've generally been pretty happy with Formstack. Our main challenge is that part of what we collect information for as an office is to meet federal Financial Aid signature requirements, and Formstack, unfortunately does not meet those requirements"

9. Ninja Forms

ninja forms

Best for:

Websites built on WordPress that need a WordPress plugin form builder.


Ninja Forms is a drag and drop WordPress form builder with over 30,000,000 downloads. If your website is built on WordPress, Ninja Forms is one of the best ways to build simple, user-friendly forms without having to code.

With Ninja Forms, you get standard form features. This includes conditional logic, exportable form submissions, and the ability to accept payments and donations.

Ninja Forms also integrates with a bevy of other tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, and more.


  • Drag and drop fields
  • Easy row and column layouts
  • Multi-page forms
  • Conditional forms
  • Send or export submissions as PDFs, Excel files, or Google Sheets
  • Send email from any form
  • Accept PayPal and credit card payments


  • Light code option for WordPress websites and WordPress developers
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface for WordPress
  • Great add-ons and plugin library for additional features and workflows


  • Get’s costly as you scale (especially for agencies)

What users say:

Eliud I.

Company Admin

"Having used Ninja Forms for over 2 years, I have realized it is a capable software. First, there are enough templates that makes creating online forms easy. Secondly, the tool comes with a great user interface and customizing it is easy . Finally, the tool comes at a bargain and therefore it is a must have."



"The features are great but each add-on feature comes with an additional cost. The pricing model is different from most similar solutions in the market and this is what we dislike."

10. Google Forms

google forms

Best for:

Businesses and organizations that need a form builder integrated with Google Workspace and Google Sheets.


Google Forms is the de-facto form builder for those who already operate in Google’s Workspace (formerly G Suite). It’s one of the top free online form builders with unlimited submissions and Google’s excellent cross-platform compatibility.

Its intuitive design, linear scale fields, multiple-choice questions, and a direct save to Google Sheets make it one of the most powerful and effective form builder tools around.

You can even automatically generate graphs and charts based on data collected by your Google Forms.


  • Alerts and notifications when a form gets submitted
  • Data import and export integrated with Google Sheets
  • Conditional logic and multiple question and field types
  • Real-time data visualizations, analytics, and reporting


  • Integrated with Google Workspace
  • Great for simple surveys and feedback
  • Intuitive design and easy to use for anyone
  • Automatic saving and return feature


  • Lacks some advanced features found in more expensive form builder software solutions
  • Video and photo integration is challenging
  • Not as powerful if you’re not in the Google universe

11. Microsoft Forms

microsoft forms

Best for:

Businesses and organizations that need a form builder integrated with Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Forms is an effective form builder software for businesses and organizations with Windows-based platforms using Microsoft Office.

It's a powerful tool for those who want to create forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Microsoft Forms has effortless customization tools and professional email notifications. It's an excellent choice for businesses looking to build forms for lead gathering, events, data collection, and surveys.


  • Built-in analytics
  • Real-time integration with Excel
  • File uploads
  • Data visualization tools
  • Data collection automation
  • Secure and compliant forms


  • Easy collaboration with coworkers and streamlines workflows
  • Granular data permissions and security features
  • Viral sharing through email, social media, and SMS
  • Instant notifications to users when a form is submitted


  • Offline limitation as the platform is purely web-based
  • Limited branching logic
  • Limited question types
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