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How to Sync, Export and Import QuickBooks Online CSV
How to Sync, Export and Import QuickBooks Online CSV

You can already export and import a CSV into QuickBooks Online, but MessageDesk’s CSV Utility and Real-time Sync offers a better solution.

Storing your customer info and accounting data side-by-side makes a lot of sense. This is especially true if you run your business out of QuickBooks Online. But altering multiple fields and editing that data in bulk means using QuickBooks Online to import a CSV with updated data or export a CSV to make changes yourself. This is a fairly simple process and we’ll walk you through the steps for doing this below, but there’s a better way to edit and maintain QuickBooks Online customer data in real-time using MessageDesk’s CSV utility and sync.

If you run your business out of QuickBooks Online, stop and consider where you keep the customer data that’s NOT stored in QuickBooks Online. No doubt – this information resides in places like Google Contacts, Google Sheets, Google Docs or Microsoft Excel. The better way to manage all of these different data repositories is through MessageDesk.

Consider centralizing all of your customer info and syncing it real-time with QuickBooks Online.

MessageDesk’s CSV Utility and real-time QuickBooks Online sync make attaching and syncing customer data in one location a breeze. When you import a CSV into QuickBooks Online, you’re performing a one-time-only action. Storing that data in MessageDesk and syncing it with QuickBooks Online makes it come alive.

Let’s say you don’t want your company employees having direct access to your QuickBooks Online account, but they also need to make frequent updates to customer info and operational data which is stored in multiple locations. Using MessageDesk, a user can export or import a CSV with customer information and sync all changes in real-time with QuickBooks Online.

Importing a CSV with Custom Fields

If you’re looking to use custom fields to store information associated with customers inside QuickBooks Online, your options are somewhat limited. QuickBooks Online allows you two fields within “Customers”, while the “Sales” and “Invoices” modules allow you three custom fields.

For some users, this may be enough, but you probably need something more substantial. QuickBooks Desktop users have plenty of options when it comes to custom fields, but QuickBooks Online users require a third-party plugin or an app like MessageDesk to store additional custom fields. Learn how to Set Up and Use Custom Fields in QuickBooks Online and MessageDesk.

How To Import CSV into QuickBooks Online:

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the toolbar and select "Import Data"
  1. Choose which type of data you want to import into QuickBooks Online
  1. Browse and select a CSV or Excel file to upload
  1. Click the "next" button at the bottom and map your fields to QuickBooks Online Fields
  1. Click "next" to verify the information and click "import" to complete the Excel or CSV import into QuickBooks Online
  1. Once QuickBooks Online imports your CSV data it will generate a report and let you know which fields it was unable to match

How to Export CSV from QuickBooks Online:

  1. Navigate to Gear Icon in the Toolbar at the top of QuickBooks Online Dashboard, and select "Export Data"
  2. Select Various Reports and Lists, then click "Export to Excel"
  1. QuickBooks Online then generates a .zip with .xlsx files of your exported data.

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