Feedback & reviews

Get Feedback with Polls and Surveys & Follow Up to Ask for Reviews

Text to collect more reviews, polls and surveys. Set up autoresponders with text links to get better response rates and faster feedback.

feedback and reviews
"Texting from our business phone number is priceless. Our clients connect with us directly."
Susan W. - Office Manager
"I love the text blast and the ease of use! MessageDesk has been easy to use for everyone in the office."
Kayla S. - Accounting Manager
"Happy Customer! Works as advertised. Easy to set up."
Gregory G. - IT Administrator at Legal Practice

Need reviews and feedback? Texts get up to 98% open rates.

Scheduled Follow-Ups

Schedule one-time and recurring text message follow-ups.

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Templates & Tags

Save and standardize the messages you send all the time with templates.

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Online Review Collection

Text links to online customer review sites for frictionless review collection.

Polls, Surveys & Forms

Link to forms or create text polls and SMS surveys with autoresponders.

schedule automatic review requests
Scheduling & automation

Save time with scheduled automatic follow-up texts.

Following up takes time and energy. Scheduled texts make it easy to automatically ask for reviews or send links to surveys.

  • Schedule one-time or recurring texts any time in advance.
  • Text individuals or broadcast to entire contact lists or groups.
  • Set up auto responses with keyword-based “text-to” campaigns.
Templates & personalization tags

Personalize and pre-save follow-up text messages.

Use pre-saved templates and personalization tags to save time and standardize the follow-up messages you send all the time.

  • Compose unlimited pre-saved text message templates and add links to review sites, forms and surveys.
  • Auto-insert tags like {{ FirstName }} to personalize messages.
  • Tags work just like email merge tags, but for text messaging.
review collection
link to online review sites
Online reviews

Follow up after service to generate more online reviews and referrals.

85% of people are willing to leave a review, but few actually do it. Text review requests to gauge satisfaction and get more reviews.

  • Copy and paste links to review sites into pre-saved templates.
  • Schedule follow-up text messages at any time interval.
  • Improve customer experience and prevent negative reviews with automatic follow-up and thank-you texts.
Polls & surveys

Improve response rates and get faster feedback.

Collect feedback the easy way with text message autoresponders and links to forms. Seamlessly route contacts to forms or survey platforms.

  • Set up autoresponders for multiple-choice text surveys.
  • Schedule broadcasts to any-sized contact group.
  • Pre-save texts as templates with links to polls and surveys.
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