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Conversational Team-Based Text Support & Service

Keeping connected takes time and energy. Texting helps businesses and teams manage, assign, support and service customers.

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"Texting from our business phone number is priceless. Our clients connect with us directly."
Susan W. - Office Manager
"I love the text blast and the ease of use! MessageDesk has been easy to use for everyone in the office."
Kayla S. - Accounting Manager
"Happy Customer! Works as advertised. Easy to set up."
Gregory G. - IT Administrator at Legal Practice

Need to reduce phone time? Text messages get up to 98% open rates.

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Conversational Text Support

Manage and assign SMS and MMS text conversations as a team using your business landline number.

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Mass Text Broadcasts

Reach your entire audience with alerts, updates, and more using text message broadcasts.

Keyword Campaigns & Forms

Set up text alerts and keyword-based autoresponders for instant answers to questions.

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Automatic Out-of-Office Texts

Keep daily operations running smoothly and manage expectations with automatic out-of-office texts.

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Conversational support & service

Keep things conversational with team-based business text messaging.

People prefer personalized, authentic interaction and they want it in real-time. Texting helps teams keep things conversational.

  • Manage inbound and outbound texts from a shared inbox.
  • Resolve service issues with SMS and MMS support.
  • Text-enable a toll-free or 10-digit local business number.
Mass text broadcasts

Broadcast updates and messages to your entire audience.

Send carrier-verified, high-volume, text broadcasts to hundreds of contacts from a 10-digit local or toll-free 800 phone number

  • Organize contacts into groups for targeted messaging.
  • Create custom templates and add tags like {{ FirstName }}.
  • Send high-volume marketing and sales campaigns.
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inbox response and filter

Auto-confirm appointments and account information.

Set keywords to automatically trigger a text response for hours of operation, appointment dates, confirmations, and follow-ups.

  • Use keywords like “CONFIRM” or “RESCHEDULE” for prompt responses.
  • Chain keywords for confirmation and scheduling workflows.
  • Use keywords like “ACCOUNT” or “DUE” to auto-answer questions.
Out-of-office text messages

Manage expectations with automatic out-of-office texts.

Text automatic out-of-office message when you’re away. Perfect for small businesses and offices with variable hours of operation.

  • Set daily availability on an as-needed basis.
  • Autorespond with texts based on your own operating hours.
  • Change availability to match holiday hours and more.
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We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your other business tools to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to info.

Add texting to your phone system
Learn how to add SMS superpowers to your business phone.