MessagePro Shut Down & Service End | MessagePro Alternatives
MessagePro Shut Down & Service End | MessagePro Alternatives

MessagePro Terminating Service on June 30th, 2024 - How to Migrate to a MessagePro Alternative

MessagePro, a business text messaging provider, recently announced a termination of service effective June 30th, 2024. 

This announcement affects many businesses and organizations that rely on text messaging. 

If you’re a MessagePro user, you’ll need an alternative like MessageDesk to keep texting from your current phone number.

So I’ve put together this article to guide you through the phone number migration and carrier compliance processes.

You’ll learn:

  1. What MessagePro is 
  2. Why MessagePro is shutting down
  3. Why carrier registration is important
  4. How to keep texting with your existing phone number
  5. How to get your messaging compliant with carrier regulations
  6. Answers to frequently asked MessagePro migration questions

By the end, you’ll have a solution for transitioning your texting and upgrading your business texting communications.

Read on for more.

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Why is MessagePro Shutting Down?

The following is a public statement regarding MessagePro ending service, available on the MessagePro website:

“Due to increasing rates for text message termination, the costly and frequently changing compliance processes and procedures, and the severe financial penalties for non-compliance with those processes and procedures with individual fines of up to $2,000 per non-compliant text, we have chosen to terminate this service.”
“At this time, we cannot recommend an alternative service provider to you. However, if you enter “landline texting service” into your search engine, you will find many service provider options. To the extent that underlying carriers support the porting of telephone numbers that we provide with our service, we will not oppose any porting request relative to those numbers. Porting can be initiated at any time and does not have to correspond to our termination of service date.”
“We regret taking this action and appreciate the opportunity we have had to work with you.”

At MessageDesk we’ve seen shutdowns like this before with other text messaging platforms. For many, compliance and carrier registration can be a huge burden. 

Unless your texting service already has compliance baked into its systems and processes. 

How to Keep Texting from Your Existing Phone Number

Keeping your existing phone number and navigating compliance is imperative when transitioning to a MessagePro alternative. 

Here’s how you can complete carrier registration and keep texting from your existing phone number with MessageDesk:


Step 1: Understand what information you need to get compliant with business text messaging regulations

The first step in transitioning from MessagePro to a compliant messaging alternative like MessageDesk is understanding carrier compliance. 

Carrier compliance involves submitting information to telecommunications carriers and adhering to various standards like opt-in and TCPA regulations. At MessageDesk we walk you through the process and make things as easy as possible.

Below is a list of the information you’ll need to gather and submit before carrier registration.

  1. Business identification: Provide proof of your business's existence and legality. This includes your Employer Identification Number (EIN) or other tax identification numbers.
  2. Business address: The official address registered with your organization.
  3. Contact Information: A primary contact within the business, including name, phone number, email address, and website.
  4. Messaging purpose and examples: Explain why and how your business uses SMS messaging. This involves providing message examples.
  5. Opt-in and opt-out processes: Describe how your contacts opt in and out of receiving messages. This includes how you collect consent and how you manage and honor opt-out requests.
  6. Message content and volumes: You’ll need to provide information about the volume and nature of the messages you plan on sending. This helps carriers understand your messaging patterns and that messages align with anti-spam policies.

Step 2: Choose a compliant messaging platform like MessageDesk

There are many great business text messaging services. But a true MessagePro alternative includes carrier compliance and texting from your existing phone number.

Additionally, many texting providers like MessageDesk offer more advanced features and functionality. Many of these can enhance your current texting experience.


MessageDesk vs. MessagePro - feature comparison

MessageDesk MessagePro
Two-way SMS/MMS messaging
Compatible with existing phone numbers
Office Hours (Auto Replies )
Autoresponders (Keyword Auto-response)
Templates (Canned Comments)
Contact and conversation uploads
Shared team texting inbox
Broadcast text announcements
Website forms
Website chatbot

Step 3: Migrate your existing phone number

You understand what you need for compliance and you’ve chosen a compliant platform. Now you’ll need to migrate or host your existing phone number with your new provider.

This means you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Submit an LOA (letter of authorization) 
  2. Complete a phone number hosting request 

MessageDesk does this seamlessly with a few forms.

What does hosting mean? 

Number hosting grants a new text messaging provider access to your existing phone number for texting purposes.

It also means you can keep your existing voice and call functionality the same. There’s no need to switch voice carriers or providers.

Below is the easy step-by-step for hosting your number with MessageDesk.

1. Choose your phone number type

MessageDesk gives you three phone number options. The first and most popular is connecting your existing landline or VoIP phone number. This process takes roughly 48 hours. 

You can also keep a temporary phone number or text-enable a new local number through MessageDesk.


2. Connect (host) your existing phone number

Once you select to connect your existing number, MessageDesk walks you through a form submission. This process will complete your hosting request and also auto-generate an LOA for you.

Note: due to carrier restrictions, most texting providers like MessageDesk can’t currently host cell phone numbers for texting.


3. Input your phone number and select your current carrier

This step is self-explanatory. Simply input the required information.


4. Enter billing information, provide a signature, and hit submit

Finally, you’ll need to enter your billing information and hit submit. Every phone number hosting request incurs a small fee. Carriers dictate this fee, not your business texting provider. 

When you submit your hosting request, MessageDesk automatically connects with your existing carrier to facilitate hosting. 

Once this process is complete, a MessageDesk representative will reach out directly. They’ll confirm that your phone number is text-enabled and ready to send and receive text messages. 

Note: never cancel service with your old provider before successfully hosting your number with your new provider. This can result in serious problems, or even losing access to your number entirely.


Step 4: Get carrier compliant through MessageDesk

Once MessageDesk successfully hosts your phone number you’ll need to complete the carrier registration process. MessageDesk makes this easy with a single form submission that takes roughly 7 minutes to complete.

1. Enter your basic contact information


2. Enter your business information

This includes:

  • Business or organization’s legal name
  • Website address
  • Tax number or EIN
  • The industry you operate in
  • The legal address of your organization


3. Provide an example of the messages you’ll be sending

To complete registration, you'll need to tell Carriers what type of messages you intend to send. 


You’ll also need to:

  • Select if you’re sending conversational, informational, or promotional text messages
  • Briefly describe how your organization intends to use SMS
  • Describe the number of text messages you intend to send per day


4. Indicate how contacts opt-in to receive messages from your organization

One of the most important requirements for carrier registration is opt-in. You need to show proof of how your contacts opt-in to receive text messages from you. There are several ways you can obtain opt-in and consent.

Note: You’ll need to upload an image of the opt-in method you select. This can be a screenshot of a website form, an image of a paper form, or another file type.



5. Submit your carrier registration form

Once you upload your proof of opt-in, just hit submit. From there, the MessageDesk support team will begin processing your submission.

Expect to receive email updates on your registration within 2-5 business days.


Step 5: Import your contacts

Everything is downhill once you’ve submitted your number hosting and carrier registration forms. 

Your next step is to import your contacts into MessageDesk. If you have a .csv of contacts all you need to do is reach out to MessageDesk support for help with an initial upload.

Once you import your contacts, you can filter them into different groups based on your business requirements. This makes it easy to manage all text message communications as a team once you start using MessageDesk.


Step 6: Get your team onboard

We know that every team has unique needs, so your final step is team onboarding into MessageDesk. 

At MessageDesk we help everyone address their needs with personalized one-on-one onboarding and setup. This onboarding process also ensures that your phone number, carrier registration, and account configuration are 100% and fully operational.

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Answers to Frequently Asked MessagePro Migration Questions

Below is a list of questions frequently asked when migrating from MessagePro to a new texting provider.

When should you switch to another text messaging service to keep texting?

MessagePro is shutting down its services on June 30th, 2024. It’s essential to start switching to another text messaging service like MessageDesk well before this date. 

We suggest starting the migration process immediately to ensure a smooth transition without any interruption in your messaging capabilities. This gives you enough time to handle number hosting, carrier registration, data migration, and any platform training.

If I transfer my texting to a platform like MessageDesk, what happens to my calling features?

When you host your phone number with MessageDesk, you’re only adding text message functionality. All of your existing voice and phone features will remain as-is with your current provider. 

MessageDesk also supports call forwarding, allowing you to use your existing business phone numbers for both calling and texting.

Are there any downtime or disruptions expected during the transition?

You’ll want to minimize downtime or disruptions as you transition from MessagePro to a new text messaging platform. 

However, some minor interruptions may occur, especially during the number hosting and carrier registration process.

To mitigate potential downtime:

  • Schedule your migration during off-peak hours or when communication activity is typically low for your business.
  • Inform your customers and team members about the planned transition and possible short periods of unavailability.
  • Test the new system thoroughly before going fully live to ensure all functionalities are working as expected.

What kind of customer support does MessageDesk offer during the migration process?

During the migration process, MessageDesk offers robust customer support. Support includes:

  1. Dedicated onboarding support: MessageDesk provides dedicated specialists who guide you through the entire setup and migration process. This includes helping with the initial configuration, data migration, and system integration.
  2. Training and resources: MessageDesk offers comprehensive training sessions, tutorials, and resource materials to familiarize your team with the platform. These resources help your team leverage all features effectively.
  3. Technical support: Technical support is available for troubleshooting and resolving any issues that arise during the migration. You can access support via multiple channels such as phone, email, and live chat, for quick help when needed.
  4. Customer success manager: Some MessageDesk plans include access to a Customer Success Manager. This person works with your business to ensure the platform meets your communication needs and helps you achieve your messaging goals.

What training resources are available to help my team transition to MessageDesk?

MessageDesk offers a full learning center complete with helpful articles for using the application. MessageDesk also offers one-on-one team onboarding as well as a range of how-to support videos.

Can I import my contact lists from MessagePro to MessageDesk?

Yes, you can import your contact lists from MessagePro to MessageDesk. MessageDesk supports contact list imports via a .csv file.

What are the costs involved in switching to MessageDesk?

Locations (phone numbers), users, messaging volume, carrier registration fees, number hosting fees, and onboarding fees (for large teams) set the price of your MessageDesk plan. Each plan is flexible - you can tailor it to your needs. 

Additionally, there are no hidden fees or costs associated with your MessageDesk plan. MessageDesk accounts for all additional fees and costs. There are no hidden fees associated with your plan.

Ready to switch to MessageDesk?

If the MessageProending service leaves you in a lurch, then don’t hesitate to find a new texting provider. MessageDesk is here to help with resources, information, and tools designed to help you and your team text more effectively.

We’re a compliance-first messaging company and we’re here to help.

Talk to Sales to get started today.

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