How to Start Text Conversations | Business Texting Examples
How to Start Text Conversations | Business Texting Examples

Learn How to Introduce Yourself Over Text to Start Business Conversations with Customers and Clients

It’s easy to send a text message and start a conversation. We do it all the time in our day-to-day with each other.

But what if you’re a business trying to use text messaging to start more conversations that lead to sales and happy customers?

What are the pitfalls and secrets to introducing yourself over a text message?

  • When’s the right time to text a customer?
  • What are the best ways to start a conversation over text?
  • How do you introduce yourself over text message?
  • How do you start a business conversation?

In this article, I’ll cover all of the above and give you strategies for starting conversations over text messages as a business.

Let’s jump in.

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Long story short: as long as you follow the telephone consumer protection act and are TCPA compliant per federal communications commission guidelines you’re all good.

And if you’re unsure about how to stay compliant with promotional messages - just use a business texting service like MessageDesk. You’ll get all the tools you need to manage opt-in and opt-out for your entire contact and SMS subscriber list.

How to Start a Text Conversation (6 Steps for Business)

Now, the real question is: can you start text conversations with customers easily?

If you’re unsure how to answer that, then I suggest learning more about how to get a text number for business purposes. (p.s. MessageDesk can help)

Once you’ve text-enabled a business phone or set up a business texting number it’s time to learn the basics of starting conversations with customers.

1. Add a click-to-text button to your website

There are many ways to use your website to generate more leads and gather contacts. But one of the easiest is to just make it easy for customers to join your texting list.

The best way to do this is by adding a click-to-text button to your website.

This makes it easy for your customers to start conversations with your business phone number.

What is click-to-text?

It’s an easy way to start conversations with your customers over the phone (but with texting). It usually appears as a button, chatbot, or clickable phone number listed on your website.

“Click-to-text” can come in several different forms:

  • A linked phone number on your website
  • A website chatbot
  • Embedded button on your website


Click-to-text is my preferred method for starting a conversation over text message with customers. But there’re plenty of others to choose from.

You can also leverage a mass texting service for SMS marketing campaigns and starting conversations at scale. Often times this means using short codes for text marketing.

But you can also use a local phone number or text-enable your business landline with MessageDesk.

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2. Be clear about why you’re texting

Now you’ve got an easy way to start a business conversation over text. It’s time to dive into some business text messaging etiquette.

Are you providing support or service? Looking to create an easier sales process? Or are you just acting as a helpful guide to your customers?

Regardless, it’s best to be clear about why you’re texting your customers.

What’s a clear text message conversation starter? I suggest setting up automated text messages.

Autoresponders are a form of automatic text message replies that get sent anytime someone texts your business phone number with a designated keyword.

3. Make your introductory text message short

Customers prefer texting and conversational experiences over email and phone calls. Especially formal emails and cold calls. In fact, 74% of consumers prefer talking to a real person at a business.

But when you first start a real conversation with your customers over text, remember to keep things short and simple.

I suggest following this structure for sending an introductory text message:

  1. Start with a reason
  2. Provide value
  3. Have a clear CTA (call-to-action)

In practice, your text message should look something like this:

Reason: Hi {{ FirstName}}, this is {{ BusinessName }} with an update regarding your latest order.
Value: We’re letting you know that your order has been shipped! It should arrive within 5 days
CTA: Have questions? Just respond with HELP. No longer want to receive text alerts? Just respond STOP

4. Add the right tone to your introduction SMS

Your tone of voice is the make-or-break of a customer’s experience with your business.

Does your business come across as friendly and helpful? Or agitated and disgruntled?

It’s even more important to consider tone when you’re texting customers directly.

That’s because there’s no context to your message. There’s no friendly smile or voice inflection. It’s just the words you type.

So how do you guarantee your messages aren’t misinterpreted?

For starters, use a business text messaging software that lets you create text message templates.

This way your team doesn’t have to type each message from scratch. Instead, they just select pre-approved text messages from your list of templates.

This way you can ensure a certain tone of voice for each message.

Need help crafting the right tone? Check out our guide to business text messaging etiquette.

5. Give customers the option to opt-out

If you’re using a personal phone to send text messages from your business - this section is for you.

By law, you’re required to let customers opt out of any text messaging communications. In fact, anytime a customer replies “STOP” to a message - you’re forced to stop texting them.

But business text messaging services like MessageDesk manage this for you automatically.

If you’re relying on a personal phone for business messaging then you should be cautious of your customer's opt-out requests.


6. Add a text message signature to your introduction text

One of the best ways to level up your business texting is by adding a text message signature to your messages.

Think of your signature as the catchphrase of your business texting strategy.

Unfortunately, most businesses treat their text message signature like an email salutation. Meaning it suc... I mean it’s bland.

Instead, try spicing things up.

For example, here’s a text I got from Nike about an upcoming shoe release:

Hi {{ FirstName }}, We initially wanted to release these shoes next month but we decided last minute to drop them today just for you. Get exclusive access to these sneakers for the next 48 hours with the link below. - Nike - "Just do it”

Recieved 01/06/23, 07:01 am


Need some catchphrase inspiration? Check out Shopify’s free slogan maker.

No phone number, email address, or website included. Just their catchphrase.

Why? They’re already texting me. Why would I need their email address or website? I can just text them back….

How to Start Text Conversations at Scale with a Mass Texting Service

Alrighty, I’ve covered the theory and the basics. Now it's time to explain what you need to do to start having more text conversations at scale.

1. Sign up for a free MessageDesk account

As mentioned above, before you scale your business text messaging conversations it’s important to start texting with a dedicated business messaging platform.

With platforms like MessageDesk, you have access to a shared inbox for texting that plugs into any existing business phone line. It allows you to text as a team from any device. Enabling everyone to text from a mobile app or text from a computer.

There are a bunch of great business texting services out there. The trick is determining which one is right for you.


2. Choose or connect a phone number

Got your business text messaging app set up? Now it’s time to get a business text number.

Most businesses already have a business landline that they use to make and receive calls. But services like MessageDesk allow you to text-enable your existing business landline.


Other phone number options include:

  • Selecting a new, local, 10-digit phone number
  • Or texting from a 1-800 toll-free phone number

Which one’s better? If you’re messaging over 1,000 people at once you may want to consider a toll-free phone number and carrier-verified A2P delivery. It’s ideal for large-scale broadcast text messaging.

Otherwise, ​​MessageDesk can help you register your local phone number for regular volume messaging.

3. Import your contacts

So you have a business text messaging provider and a phone number setup. The next question is: who are you texting?

You can usually import contact information into your business text messaging app and start texting existing customers.

With MessageDesk you can import contacts in 3 easy steps. Watch the video below to learn how:

4. Select your contacts or groups(s) from the Inbox

Once you have a list of contacts uploaded into your business messaging app you one step away from starting more conversations at scale.

If you’re already using MessageDesk here’s a quick video on how to send your first text message broadcast.

5. Send or schedule a text message

The beautiful part of a business text messaging platform is having the ability to schedule messages ahead of time.

Need to send a reminder text message? Simple, just pre-schedule and send it to your desired contact.

With MessageDesk you can schedule individual text messages or pre-schedule your text blasts in one click.

message compose

On top of this, you can also set messages to recur on specific dates or frequencies.

recurring scheduled messages

Introduction Text Message Examples

1. Auto-reply text message introduction example

Thanks for texting {{ BusinessName }}. We’re currently offering 25% off your first purchase. Text us back here to schedule an appointment, or come in and show this text to redeem!

Delivered 01/06/23, 07:01 am

2. Formal text message introduction

Hi {{ FirstName }}, This is {{ SenderFirstName }} with {{ BusinessName }}. I wanted to reach out personally and see if you’re available for a quick meeting this week or next week to touch base on {{ Topic }}.

Delivered 01/06/23, 07:01 am

3. Sales conversation

Hi {{ FirstName }}, it’s {{ SenderFirstName }} with {{ BusinessName }}. I got your online request and wanted to reach out about placing an order. Would you be interested in setting up a consultation soon? Schedule an appointment by replying SCHEDULE. Best, {{ SenderFirstName }}

Delivered 01/06/23, 07:01 am
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Ready to start texting?

There’s no single way to start a conversation over the phone.

Instead, it’s best to have a strategy for how your business text with customers so it’s consistent.

The only “must-have” is a dedicated business text messaging solution. That way your business stays in compliance while texting back and forth with customers.

For questions, you can always meet with a MessageDesk messaging expert to discuss your team communication and inbox needs.

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