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Vegas Valley Infusion Clinics reduced appointment no-shows to zero, saved 20% of their time on the phones, and improved customer satisfaction with MessageDesk

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Vegas Valley Infusion Clinic


Vegas Valley Infusion Clinics, a dynamic healthcare provider specializing in medical and wellness infusions, has revolutionized its patient communication by integrating MessageDesk into its daily operations. With two bustling clinics in Las Vegas and Reno, the organization caters to a substantial number of patients daily, offering a range of services from medical treatments to aesthetic procedures.


Before adopting MessageDesk, Vegas Valley faced significant communication hurdles. Taylor, a Patient Care Coordinator, recalls the pre-MessageDesk era:

“We were calling patients to remind them of their appointments. There was a lot of information getting lost or mixed up, especially with our elderly patients.”

The need for a more efficient, reliable communication method was clear, especially for a clinic servicing up to 28 patients daily per location.

Patients and staff alike have expressed their satisfaction with the new system.

“Most of [the patients] enjoy the fact that it’s under the same number, and we’re pretty, and it pops up on all of our computers when they do message us,”

- Taylor, Patient Care Coordinator at Vegas Valley Clinics

The ease of use and accessibility of MessageDesk has made it a vital tool in the clinic’s daily operations.

- Marnie Gambit, Owner & Operator at Vegas Valley Clinics


MessageDesk presented itself as a game-changer for Vegas Valley. The ability to text-enable their existing business phone numbers was a major draw. “It helps a lot to send reminders with their appointment times,” Taylor explains.

“If we’re stuck on the phone with insurances, we’re not able to answer all the patient calls. Texting helps us communicate if we can’t get off the phone.”

The implementation of MessageDesk brought about significant improvements:

  1. Reduction in Missed Appointments: The clinic witnessed a drastic decrease in no-shows when scheduling SMS reminders.
“We don’t have people missing their appointments nearly as much. No-shows don’t happen that often, if ever,”
  1. Team Communication: The platform facilitated seamless internal communication. “We also use it to communicate with our inventory manager who’s not on site,” Taylor adds, highlighting the versatility of MessageDesk in streamlining internal workflows.
  1. Patient Convenience: Patients appreciated having the same number for calls and texts, which they could save in their contacts. This feature simplified the process of reaching out to the clinic, whether to schedule new appointments or for inquiries.


The integration of MessageDesk into Vegas Valley’s daily operations yielded impressive results. The clinic experienced a 20% reduction in time spent on phone calls, significantly boosting productivity. “It’s around 20% kind of increased productivity,” Taylor estimates. This efficiency gain allowed the staff to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.


Vegas Valley Infusion Clinics’ adoption of MessageDesk has transformed their communication landscape, enhancing both patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. As they continue to grow and serve their communities, MessageDesk remains an integral part of their success story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Patient Communication: MessageDesk’s SMS capabilities have significantly reduced missed appointments and improved patient engagement.

  • Streamlined Internal Communication: The platform facilitates effective communication among team members, improving internal coordination.

  • Increased Efficiency: The reduction in phone call time has led to a noticeable increase in overall productivity.

Looking Ahead:

Vegas Valley Infusion Clinics plans to continue leveraging MessageDesk’s powerful features to maintain high-quality patient communication and efficient internal workflows, setting a standard for healthcare communication excellence.

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