Solo owner-operators & independent contractors

Texting for Solo Owner-Operators & Independent Contractors

Support and service customers, get paid faster, earn more referrals through reviews and start more conversations with text messaging.

texting for solo owner-operators
"Texting from our business phone number is priceless. Our clients connect with us directly."
Susan W. - Office Manager
"I love the text blast and the ease of use! MessageDesk has been easy to use for everyone in the office."
Kayla S. - Accounting Manager
"Happy Customer! Works as advertised. Easy to set up."
Gregory G. - IT Administrator at Legal Practice
home services and trades-based businesses
Text support & service

Stop turning away business - start collecting customers.

Turning away too much business because you can't answer the phone? Texting customers can help you manage more conversations, reduce phone time and keep your calendar full.

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Team conversation assignment

Text employees to reduce phone time and get faster feedback.

Text as a team and manage organization conversations from a separate shared inbox. Follow up with employees for document requests, feedback, polls, or surveys.

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review collection
Referrals & reviews

Schedule texts for follow-ups and online review requests.

85% of people are willing to leave a review, but few actually do it. Schedule one-time and recurring text message follow-ups to collect more online reviews and earn more customer referrals.

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Additional texting tools

Reach customers in real-time for updates and asks.

Keep connected to contacts and customers from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Text from a 10-digit phone number

Text-enable your firm's existing number or spin up a new 10-digit phone number with a local area code.

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Grow contact lists and build awareness

Text links to custom web forms to collect customer info and start more conversations that lead to sales.

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Stop interruptions with auto-responses

Auto-reply to customers with “text-to” keywords like “QUOTE", “ESTIMATE”, or "HOURS".

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We get along well with your other business tools

Sync MessageDesk with your accounting software to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to info.

It's time to start texting

Get the texting tools you need to manage conversations.

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