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Learn why Families to Freedom found SMS beats email when communicating with staff members and volunteers across multiple locations.

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Families to Freedom, a non-profit organization based in Texas, led by Sarah, has made significant strides in improving communication with their volunteers. Transitioning from traditional email communications to a more direct and efficient method, the organization sought a solution to adapt to the changing preferences of their volunteers and staff.


Families to Freedom faced significant communication hurdles as societal behaviors shifted away from traditional email engagement. The organization saw a decrease in the effectiveness of email communications, compounded by rising costs associated with their email platform, MailChimp. This combination of decreased engagement and increased financial burden prompted the need for a more efficient and cost-effective SMS strategy to reach volunteers and manage the growing demands of their outreach programs.

"We initially relied heavily on MailChimp for our mass email communications, but as their rates increased and we noticed a significant drop in email engagement, we knew we had to find a more effective solution. That's when we turned to MessageDesk. It's not just about the cost savings; it's about reaching our team where they are most responsive."


In response to these challenges, Families to Freedom embraced MessageDesk, a move that revolutionized their approach to communication. By leveraging MessageDesk's capabilities, they were able to send direct, template-based messages and mass texts, ensuring timely and effective outreach to volunteers and staff. This strategic shift not only enhanced the organization's operational efficiency but also significantly improved engagement rates, demonstrating the power of adapting to new communication technologies in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

"With MessageDesk, we've been able to cut through the noise and ensure our messages are seen and acted upon. It's been a game-changer for our organization, allowing us to do what we need to do, just in a different, more efficient format"


The integration of MessageDesk into Families to Freedom's operations has revolutionized their approach to volunteer engagement. By moving away from email to a more reliable and accessible texting platform, the organization has seen an improvement in communication efficiency. The use of templates and mass texting features has made it easier to manage the high volume of inquiries and ensure that every volunteer receives the necessary information promptly.

"MessageDesk has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about abandoning emails; it's about embracing a more effective way to communicate with our volunteers. The flexibility and efficiency of MessageDesk have allowed us to do what we need to do, just in a different format. It's been instrumental in helping us grow and manage our business more effectively."

- Sarah, Leader of Families to Freedom


Families to Freedom's transition to MessageDesk highlights the organization's adaptability and commitment to enhancing volunteer communication. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, Sarah and her team have not only addressed the challenges of email communication but have also set a new standard for engaging with their volunteers. As Families to Freedom continues its mission, MessageDesk remains a crucial tool in their journey towards more efficient and impactful communication.

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