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Trusted by 1,000+ businesses
"We needed a lot of the modernization...that's where MessageDesk came in. It added SMS functionality to our phone system - we didn't previously have that."

James Suppes | Vice President, Claims | Wayne Insurance

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Trusted by 1,000+ businesses

Texting with MessageDesk can transform your business.

Watch how customers use SMS and text-enabled phone lines to drive real results.
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customer testimonial
Colleen uses MessageDesk to increase student engagement.
The San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology uses templates and mass texts to engage with students for tours, financial aid notices and more.
Productivity up 20%
Infusion Care reduced phone time and increased productivity 20% with MessageDesk. This allowed staff to focus on patient care and less on admin tasks.
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Ryan Serhant Realty generates hundred-thousand dollar leads.
Cut call volume by 50%
Wayne Insurance cut daily call volume by 50% after they text-enabled their claims adjuster phone lines with MessageDesk.
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customer testimonial
Sarah replaced email with texting to engage with volunteers.
Sarah and her team at Families to Freedom embraced text messaging as a replacement for email to engage as a team with volunteers.
How to get started:
Connect your existing business landline or VoIP phone numbers.
Our solutions team will help you text-enable any new or existing U.S. or Canadian-based 10-digit business phone number.
Talk to Sales and schedule a 30 minute intro call to get started.
Meet with us for a quick assessment and consultation based on your messaging needs and phone number requirements.
Register with carriers for reliable business text messaging.
Next, we’ll register your phone number(s) with carriers to ensure your massages get delivered and stay compliant.
Send and receive SMS from your existing phone numbers.
Once connected, MessageDesk makes it easy to start sending and receiving text messages through your business phone number.
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Start texting with your existing business phone number.

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Connect Landlines
Text-enable any existing business landline phone number.
Connect VoIP Lines
Connect any VoIP phone number to MessageDesk.
Send & Receive SMS
Start sending and receiving SMS from your existing business phone number.
Images & Attachments
Send and receive MMS media messages with images or attachments.
Text from Anywhere
Get the MessageDesk mobile app or access your account from any web browser.
Text-enable Call Centers
Connect one or many phone numbers without disrupting your call center setup.
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Organize all SMS conversations with a business-grade inbox.

Assign Conversations
Work as a team by assigning and delegating specific text conversations.
Create Folders
Keep your inbox tidy by organizing conversations into custom folders.
Schedule Messages
Save time by scheduling text message follow-ups and SMS reminder.
Automate Out-of-Office replies
Automate replies when you're away from your text message inbox.
Customize SMS Signatures
Keep things professional by applying custom SMS signatures to each response.
SMS Templates
Create re-usable SMS templates to speed up reply times and standardize messaging.
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Start new conversations and collect opt-in with ease.

Website Chat
Text-enable your website by adding a chatbot.
Create & Share Forms
Generate subscribers by embedding forms on your website, emails, and QR codes.
Automated Lead Generation
Automate follow-up to new leads who text your business phone number.
Automate Replies
Automate replies to contacts who submit a form or chatbot from your website.
Organize Contacts
Route conversations to specific inbox folders on form or chatbot submissions.
Setup Keyword Autoresponders
Trigger automatic replies when contacts text a keyword to your phone number.
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Reach hundreds or thousands with SMS in a single click.

Broadcast SMS
Send texts to hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.
Group Contacts
Reach the right people at the right time by grouping contacts.
Opt-out Protection
Stay compliant with automated opt-out protection.
Smart {Tags}
Personalize at scale with smart {tags} that auto-insert contact information.
Multi-Group Sends
Message multiple groups at once with a single broadcast SMS.
Exclusion Groups
Exclude contacts from an SMS broadcast to get the right message to the right people.
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