MessageDesk 2.0

An SMS Inbox
That Means Business

  • A refined inbox experience across mobile, web and desktop
  • A flexible inbox designed for your business operations
  • A conversation-first approach that intends to meet you wherever your contacts reach you.

We believe in conversations

SMS works best when it's a 2-way conversation

Version 2.0 makes it easier than ever to organize, route and prioritize conversations at scale

MessageDesk 2.0 is designed for starting and managing conversations. Not spamming contacts

Assign Conversations
Work as a team by assigning and delegating conversations to teammates
Create Inbox Labels
Keep your inbox tidy by organizing conversations into folders
Schedule Messages
Improve effectiveness by scheduling follow-ups and SMS reminders
Out-of-Office Reply Automation
Automate replies when your away from the inbox
SMS Signatures
Keep your team professional by applying SMS signatures to each response
SMS Templates
Speed up reply times by creating SMS templates you can re-use

In the office or on the go.
MessageDesk works wherever you work.

2.0 delivers a redesigned mobile app, brand new desktop app and refined browser experience.

Your conversations, anywhere.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps
2.0 introduces brand new mobile apps that prioritize conversation management.
Native Desktop Applications
Download and use MessageDesk from your laptop or desktop computer.
Redesigned Browser Experience
A brand new web experience that's faster, more reliable and easier to use than version 1.0

Connect every phone number.

Add multiple phone numbers & teammates to an inbox. Create multiple inboxes

Many phone numbers, one inbox
Text-enable your entire business phone system within one inbox. Keep things simple and let your team manage every conversation from a shared inbox.
Enterprise grade controls and security
Customize your account based on the complex needs of your organization. Ensure only the right people have access to certain conversations.
Manage multiple inboxes
Organize your company across multiple inboxes. Keeping your phone lines and teammates unified where needed and separated when required.

2.0: An Inbox that meets you wherever your contacts reach you

Get a sneak peek at the 2.0 Inbox in the interactive demo below:

2-way SMS
Unify how your company sends and receives text messages.
2-way Chat
Start conversations on your terms, from your website with a configurable chat experience. Enabling your teams to turn website visitors into real 2-way conversations
More communication channels
Throughout 2024 and beyond MessageDesk will deliver new ways to reach contacts. Ranging from Voice calls, direct messaging and other forms of engagement. Our goal is to meet you wherever your contacts reach you.
Workflow Builder & Automations
Create custom automations that automatically respond to messages, organize your inbox and route conversations across your team
Chatbot & Forms
Start conversations from your website or share forms to build your contact list.
VoIP provider integrations
Connect VoIP providers like RingCentral and Dialpad to your MessageDesk inbox.
Coming Summer 2024
Phase 1: Spring 2024
Beta Testers and Early Adopters
Initial Beta testers and early adopters get access and work closely with our product team to provide feedback and fix bugs
Phase 2: Summer 2024
Open to Existing Customers
In summer 2024, all existing MessageDesk customers will have access to Version 2 and be able to begin migration process.
Phase 3: Spring 2025
End of life for Version 1
In 2025 MessageDesk will stop supporting Version 1 and begin migration process for all remaining version 1 customers.