Text marketing & sales messages

Text Message Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Marketing and sales campaigns shouldn't be complex or costly. Use texts to grow lists, market and start sales conversations.

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"MessageDesk makes it easy and provides many tools to help you implement an SMS marketing strategy!"
Horacio M. - Small Business Owner
"I love the text blast and the ease of use! MessageDesk has been easy to use for everyone in the office."
Kayla S. - Accounting Manager
"Happy Customer! Works as advertised. Easy to set up."
Gregory G. - IT Administrator at Legal Practice

Ready to build awareness and engagement? Texts get up to 98% open rates.

SMS & MMS Messages

Text images and rich media to build more awareness and increase engagement.

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Mass Text Broadcasts

Schedule upcoming appointment reminder texts days, weeks, months, or years in advance to save time.

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Keyword Campaigns & Forms

Grow your contact lists with keyword-based text marketing campaigns and customizable website contact forms.

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Conversation Assignment

Manage expectations and keep things running smoothly with automatic out-of-office texts.

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SMS & MMS text messaging

Build awareness and increase engagement with MMS.

Email is the most widely adopted forms of communication but texting gives you a faster, more direct way to market and sell.

  • Send SMS and MMS texts from a 10-digit phone number.
  • Text images, media, gifs, QR codes, and more.
Mass text broadcasts

Broadcast marketing and sales messages to groups at scale.

Send carrier-verified, high-volume, text broadcasts to hundreds of contacts from a 10-digit local or toll-free 800 phone number

  • Organize contacts into groups for targeted messaging.
  • Create custom templates and add tags like {{ FirstName }}.
  • Send high-volume marketing and sales campaigns.
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contact creation forms
Keywords & webforms

Grow lists with keyword campaigns and web forms.

Texts build awareness and start conversations. Scale outreach with keyword-based autoresponders and custom forms.

  • Chain keywords like SUBSCRIBE and OFFER together for automated SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Customize and embed web forms to trigger autoresponses.
  • Trust in fully managed opt-in and out TCPA compliance.
One inbox - any device

Text as a team from a shared messaging inbox.

Moving customers down-funnel requires a team. A shared team inbox makes it easy for everyone to manage text conversations.

  • Route, assign, manage and respond to many text threads.
  • Text without team members stepping on each other's toes.
  • Comment at teammates for in-line messages and notes.
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We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your accounting software to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to customer data.

Add texting to your phone system
Learn how to add SMS superpowers to your business phone.