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Add SMS Superpowers to your Ooma Phone System

Integrate MessageDesk for automatic conversation routing and mass text broadcasts - without changing your Ooma voice setup.

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"We needed a lot of the modernization...that's where MessageDesk came in. It added SMS functionality to our phone system - we didn't previously have that."

James Suppes | Vice President, Claims | Wayne Insurance

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Integrate Ooma with MessageDesk

Add a shared team inbox and mass text broadcasts to your existing Ooma phone number.

Ooma offers a fantastic phone system experience. But MessageDesk will help you and your team make the most of your text messaging.

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Route, Comment & Assign

Assign, organize, and route SMS and MMS between teammates.

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Schedule & Automate Replies

Improve responses with scheduled and automated message templates.

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Send Mass Text Broadcasts

Reach tens, hundreds, or thousands of contacts with one broadcast.

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Get Up to 100% Delivery Rates

Register for carrier-verified delivery for enterprise-grade throughput.

Shared team inbox

Route conversations to the right people.

Create customized workflows to organize, route, and assign conversations across your entire team.

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Route, comment & assign

Use inbox routing to get the right conversations to the right person at the right time.

Schedule & automate replies

Optimize your messaging workflows with pre-saved SMS templates and scheduled and automatic replies.

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Mass text message broadcasts

Reach and respond to everyone.

Send one-to-many mass text broadcasts to any number of contacts. Manage all inbound replies separately from the team inbox.

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Send mass text broadcasts

Segment and group all of your contacts, apply pre-saved templates and hit send to text everyone.

Get up to 100% delivery rates

Pre-register your phone number with carriers through MessageDesk to guarantee high-volume delivery.

Getting started

How to connect MessageDesk to Ooma.


Check your phone number eligibility.

Submit a number verification form and our number solutions team will confirm your eligibility.


Set up a free MessageDesk account.

Onboard your team and get started with a 14-day free trial of MessageDesk.


Submit a phone number hosting request.

Our phone number solutions team handles all aspect of the hosting process for you for free - simple, easy, done!


Send your first texts with MessageDesk.

Finally, our phone number solutions team will email you, confirming your number is ready for use with MessageDesk.  


Frequently asked RingCentral number hosting questions.

Can I still send SMS with Ooma?

MessageDesk connects to your Ooma phone number directly. Once connected, all your SMS sending occurs in MessageDesk and no longer appears in Ooma.

How does phone number hosting work?

Phone number hosting lets MessageDesk control the SMS features of your phone line withOUT disrupting your voice features.

Can I still use my existing Ooma voice setup?

Yes, connecting to MessageDesk has no impact on your existing voice setup with Ooma. Your IVR, Voicemails, call center and other voice features are not impacted when you connect to MessageDesk.

Does Messagedesk receive phone calls?

No, all calling and voice features are handled by Ooma. Any calling features offered by Ooma will still work once your phone number is connected to MessageDesk.

Does MessageDesk cost extra?

MessageDesk offers monthly and annual subscriptions depending on the number of SMS messages you need to send per billing period.

Do I need to cancel my Ooma account?

No, MessageDesk connects to your existing Ooma phone lines and does not disrupt your existing RingCentral billing or subscription.

Can I disconnect my number from MessageDesk?

Yes, at anytime you may disconnect phone numbers and return them to Ooma by completing a phone number hosting request in Ooma.

Can MessageDesk send SMS and MMS?

Yes, MessageDesk enables you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from a shared team inbox.

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