RingCentral SMS | Can you Broadcast with RingCentral?
RingCentral SMS | Can you Broadcast with RingCentral?

RingCentral SMS | Can you Broadcast with RingCentral?

RingCentral is a leading provider of communication services to businesses all over the world.

But can you use it to broadcast SMS messages to your contacts effectively?

SMS broadcast texting is the most efficient and convenient way to start text conversations.


Because compared to email and voice:

In the landscape of business communication strategies, the inclusion of SMS broadcast emerges as a pivotal tool that meets the demands of a mobile-first world.

As customer responsiveness to texts exceeds other communication methods, companies must incorporate SMS broadcasts into their marketing and customer service blueprints.

In this article I cover:

  1. How to send Broadcast SMS with RingCentral
  2. How to setup SMS in RingCentral
  3. How businesses and organizations use SMS Broadcast + free templates
  4. What the best SMS Broadcast solution for RingCentral is
  5. How to start sending SMS broadcasts with RingCentral today

Understanding RingCentral SMS

RingCentral is an all-in-one communication provider. Offering businesses a complete and robust phone system and call-center toolkit.  

With over 5 Million users, RingCentral is a well-received communication provider. Offering businesses of all sizes solutions for calling, messaging, and hosting video meetings.

With such a diverse set of features, RingCentral is a great start point for businesses looking to setup a well-rounded communication platform.

However, businesses looking to expand their SMS footprint may find RingCentral a less-than-suitable solution.

Here's why:

  • Lack of SMS broadcasting
  • Lack of Shared Team Inbox for SMS
  • Lack of SMS chatbot and forms to start conversations
  • Delayed support for SMS Compliance and TCR Registration

RingCentral SMS & Text Message Broadcast Solutions

RingCentral unifies your entire communication stack under a single phone bill. Your Calling, SMS, Fax, and video meeting pricing are all managed in one place.

Sounds great - right?

But to reach contacts in bulk with SMS you'll need to use one of their other platforms called RingCentral SMS Campaigns.

RingCentral offers a native SMS campaigns app that plugs into your RingCentral account. The native solution lets you reach up to 250,000 contacts daily by uploading contact lists via a .csv file.

And before you can use this additional service, you'll be required to navigate the complexities of SMS compliance independently.

After you've successfully navigated the SMS compliance landscape, setup a separate RingCentral app than you'll be ready to send an SMS Broadcast.

Setting Up RingCentral Broadcast SMS

To set up Broadcast SMS in RingCentral, follow the steps below.


1. Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari)

2. RingCentral SMS enabled number

3. Completed TCR registration for your company

Unfortunately, the RingCentral broadcast solution isn't compatible with mobile devices.


  1.  Make sure you've submitted the required TCR registration for your number by filling out the form at https://gamechanging.dev/tcr
  2. Navigate to https://www.sms-campaigns.com/ and login with the extension of the number you'd like to use to start using the app.

Why MessageDesk is the Best RingCentral SMS Broadcast Solution

MessageDesk is an industry leader in SMS broadcasting. Delivering millions of SMS monthly for businesses across the United States and Canada.

Benefits of MessageDesk for RingCentral Customers

  1. Send SMS broadcasts from any device and reach tens, hundreds, or thousands
  2. Receive tailored guidance for SMS compliance and TCR Registration
  3. Unify your entire team in a shared SMS inbox

RingCentral customers can seamlessly connect their phone numbers to MessageDesk without disrupting the rest of their communication system.

Once a MessageDesk account is set, your entire team has access to the following:

  • Seamlessly connect your RingCentral phone number to MessageDesk.
  • Centralize communication with a shared SMS inbox.
  • Execute large-scale SMS campaigns with MessageDesk's broadcasting features.
  • Get dedicated 24/7 support and fully managed SMS compliance.

Consider success stories such as AMS Healthcare Staffing, which tripled the speed of filling care shifts, or Mathnasium, which boosted customer engagement by 75% using broadcast SMS in MessageDesk.

Add SMS Superpowers to Any Business Phone
No switching carriers. Just add texting. Talk to Sales to get started.
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Frequently Asked RingCentral & MessageDesk Text Messaging Questions

Can I still send SMS with RingCentral after Connecting to MessageDesk?

MessageDesk connects to your RingCentral SMS line. Once connected, all your SMS sending occurs in MessageDesk and no longer appears in RingCentral.

Can I connect RingCentral Phone Numbers to MessageDesk for SMS?

MessageDesk will "Host" your RingCentral phone number(s). Phone number hosting lets MessageDesk control the SMS features of your phone line without disrupting your voice features.

Does RingCentral Calling & Voice work with MessageDesk SMS?

Yes, connecting to MessageDesk does not impact your existing RingCentral voice setup. Your IVR, Voicemails, call center, and other voice features are not impacted when you connect to MessageDesk.

Does MessageDesk offer guaranteed SMS delivery and TCR Registration?

Yes, every MessageDesk customer gets guaranteed delivery and tailored assistance for TCR registration.

How to Start & Scale SMS Conversations with RingCentral & MessageDesk.

Connect RingCentral to MessageDesk for SMS Broadcasting

To Connect your RingCentral account, contact our solutions team here.
Our solutions team will begin the phone number hosting process and help you set up your MessageDesk SMS inbox.


Building a Contact List

The foundation of effective SMS broadcasting is a solid contact list. Importing contacts into MessageDesk is easy.

How to Import Contacts into MessageDesk

  1. Import a .csv file into MessageDesk
  2. [optional] Create groups of contacts for targeted messaging

You can connect MessageDesk to over 5,000 apps to import contacts or sync information between other systems.

Once contacts are created, you can create groups for targeted messaging or reach all your contacts simultaneously with an SMS broadcast.

Crafting an Effective SMS Broadcast in MessageDesk

Writing compelling and concise SMS messages is crucial. By default, MessageDesk lets you compose SMS or MMS messages. So you can keep things short and simple, or you can attach images, media, and links to your messages to create a compelling offer for your subscribers.


Alternatively, you can check out 50+ free SMS templates that you can use in your SMS broadcast messages.

Scheduling and Sending SMS Broadcasts in MessageDesk

MessageDesk simplifies scheduling and delivering SMS broadcasts. Once your Broadcast SMS is composed, you can send it immediately or schedule it for later.

How Businesses and Organizations Use SMS Text Broadcasts + Free Templates

Bulk SMS messages benefit businesses and organizations in many ways. Here are some examples of text broadcasts:

1. Promotions and SMS campaigns

Many businesses and organizations send text message broadcasts for promotional purposes.

2. Text alerts and notifications for customers and employees

Businesses can use broadcast text alerts to keep people up-to-date on dispatches, orders, and shipments.

Texts also work well for employee communication. Businesses use them internally for “text-to-apply” and recruiting new employees or to provide shift reminders, notifications, and confirmations.

3. Appointment scheduling and reminders

Many businesses use texting for scheduling appointment reminders and events. Texts work well because they can prompt confirmation and reduce appointment no-shows.

4. Invoice and payment collection

Reminding someone to pay you is always a hassle. Text messaging and “text-to-pay” make this easier with automated payment reminders.

5. Gathering feedback and reviews

Finally, SMS text broadcasts are an excellent way to get feedback and ask for reviews from customers. You can also conduct an SMS survey or a poll to discover what people think of your business or organization.

Add SMS Superpowers to Any Business Phone
No switching carriers. Just add texting. Talk to Sales to get started.
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Getting Started with MessageDesk

Are you ready to amplify your RingCentral account with Broadcast SMS and a shared SMS inbox? MessageDesk is here to add SMS superpowers to your business phone system.

Feel free to meet with a messaging expert to get started

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